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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Measurement Strategy, Technology and QA
Report Number:NKS-342
Report Title:NOVE: Novel neutron detection methods for nuclear security – Dynamic testing
Activity Acronym:NOVE
Authors:Philip Holm, Kari Peräjärvi, Harri Toivonen, Jonas Nilsson, Torbjørn Gäfvert, Mathieu Boucher, Jonathan Dipple, Mark Foster, Jukka Härkönen, Michael Iwatschenko-Borho,
Abstract:A large number of novel and conventional neutron detectors were tested under the same experimental conditions. This report presents both the different techniques used as well as measurement results. The measurements were performed at the Metrology laboratory of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority using a Cf-252 source moving on an automated track. The project was a natural continuation of the stationary measurements performed in 2013. The following organizations participated in the project: - Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, STUK, Finland - University of Lund, Sweden - Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, NRPA - GE Reuter-Stokes - Symetrica Security Ltd. - Environics Oy - Thermo Fisher The results were presented and discussed in a seminar in Oslo, Norway. Certain problems in intercomparison testing where identified, such as the effect of neutron scattering in the measurement hall and the false positive alarm rate. IEC standards where used as a reference for the test. While standards provide a minimum performance level, standard tests are not necessarily designed to facilitate a comparison between different detectors. The majority of the detectors did not have problems passing the detection requirement set by the standards.
Keywords:Neutron detection
Publication date:02 Jul 2015
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-424-6
Number of downloads:2649
Download:pdf NKS-342.pdf
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