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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Measurement Technology
Report Number:NKS-274
Report Title:GammaWorkshops 2012 Proceedings
Activity Acronym:GammaWorkshops
Authors:Elisabeth Strålberg (ed.), Sigurður Emil Pálsson, Henrik Ramebäck, Seppo Klemola, Sven P. Nielsen,
Abstract:GammaWorkshops 2012 was held in Hveragerði, Iceland. 36 persons from 20 organisations in the Nordic and other European countries attended the workshops. The accident at the Fukushima NPP in 2011 highlighted many challenges in modern gamma ray spectrometry, such as dealing with complex spectra not encountered on a routine basis, application of appropriate corrections, estimation of ground deposition and radionuclide concentrations in soils in general. The workshops therefore included work on gamma spectra of samples with fallout from Fukushima, with focus on use of libraries, applying different corrections and awareness of true coincidence summing effects. Presentations on gamma spectrometric in situ measurements as an alternative to soil core measurements, QA in an accredited laboratory and important background components in gamma spectrometry were also given. The participants appreciated that the focus was on practical issues and teaching, and the overall opinion about both the lectures and practical sessions was very positive. Suggestions for future events included intercomparison exercises (samples or spectra), issues related to accreditation, Monte Carlo simulations etc.
Keywords:Gamma spectrometry, in-situ measurements
Publication date:05 Febr 2013
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-347-8
Number of downloads:3226
Download:pdf NKS-274.pdf
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