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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Organisational issues and safety culture
Report Number:NKS-263
Report Title:Organizational factors in design and implementation of technological and organizational solutions in the nuclear industry.
Activity Acronym:SADE
Authors:L. Macchi, T. Reiman, P. Savioja, U. Kahlbom, C. Rollenhagen
Abstract:Design is often found as one of the contributing factors in accident in the nuclear industry. The design of new technological systems and organisational structures has to take into account and be driven by the future users’ needs and has to consider how their role and work practices within the organisation will be affected. The SADE project explores to which extend the concepts of safety culture and resilience engineering can contribute to the prevention of design errors when no hindsight data are available. In 2011, the SADE project focused on gathering experience and clarifying the current issues and challenges related to the design process. During 2011 seventeen interviews have been conducted in Finland and Sweden to identify some of the major challenges the nuclear industry is currently facing. At the same time a literature review has been conducted to establish a sound common theoretical ground. This progress report presents some of the relevant theoretical findings and preliminary results from the interviews.
Keywords:Design, Safety culture, Resilience Engineering, Human Factors Engineering
Publication date:01 Febr 2012
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-336-2
Number of downloads:2516
Download:pdf NKS-263.pdf
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