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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Waste and discharges
Report Number:NKS-256
Report Title:Progress on Radiochemical Analysis for Nuclear Waste Management in Decommissioning
Activity Acronym:RadWaste
Authors:Xiaolin Hou (ed.)
Abstract:This report summarized the progress in the development and improvement of radioanalytical methods for decommissioning and waste management completed in the NKS-B RadWaste 2011 project. Based on the overview information of the analytical methods in Nordic laboratories and requirement from the nuclear industry provided in the first phase of the RadWaste project (2010), some methods were improved and developed. A method for efficienctly separation of Nb from nucear waste especially metals for measurement of long-lived 94Nb by gamma spectrometry was developed. By systematic investigation of behaviours of technetium in sample treatment and chromatographic separation process, a effective method was developed for the determiantion of low level 99Tc in waste samples. An AMS aproachment was investigated to measure ultra low level 237Np using 242Pu for AMS normalization, the prelimianry results show a high potential of this method. Some progress on characterization of waste for decommissioning of Danish DR3 is also presented.
Keywords:Radioanalysis, radionculides, decommissioning, radioactive waste
Publication date:01 Jan 2012
ISBN:NKS 978-87-7893-328-7
Number of downloads:1988
Download:pdf NKS-256.pdf
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