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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Reactor physics
Report Number:NKS-231
Report Title:Comparison of VNEM to Measured Data from Ringhals Unit 3 (Phase 3)
Activity Acronym:IACIP
Authors:Makoto Tsuiki, Steven Mullet
Abstract:1. PWR Comparisons have been made of a PWR core simulator CYGNUS with VNEM neutronics module to the measured data obtained from Ringhals unit 3 NPP through the cycle 1A (core average burnup = 0 through 10,507MWD/MT). The results can be summarized as: core eigenvalue = 0.99937 +/- 0.00086 before intermediate 5 months shutdown core eigenvalue = 0.99647 +/- 0.00029 after intermediate 5 months shutdown The reason of core eigenvalue drop after the intermediate shutdown is estimated to be the build-up of fissile elements during the long shutdown. A calculation model to track some important isotopes in addition to Xe135 and Sm149 (these isotopes are tracked in the present version of CYGNUS) has to be implemented. As for the comparison of the neutron detector readings, the agreement was excellent throughout the cycle 1A as observed in Phase 1 and 2 (2008, 2009). The burnup tilt effect was not observed during the cycle 1A. The verification of the burnup tilt model of CYGNUS will be performed in the next phase of the project. 2. BWR A preliminary 2D numerical benchmarking was performed for BWR cores. The problems were generated imitating the NEACRP MOX PWR 2D benchmark problems. The results of comparisons of VNEM to a reference transport code (FCM2D), based on the method of characteristics, were as good as those obtained in the case of PWR cores for similar benchmarking.
Keywords:CYGNUS; VNEM; Ringhals; unit 3; PWR; neutron detector; keff; BWR; benchmark
Publication date:01 Jan 2011
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-302-7
Number of downloads:1583
Download:pdf NKS-231.pdf
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