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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-147
Report Title:Nordic Network of Meteorological Services Engaged in Nuclear Emergency Preparedness ? NKS-MetNet
Activity Acronym:MetNet
Abstract:The current NKS-MetNet project was initiated to strengthen the Nordic collaboration within the field of real-time atmospheric transport modelling for nuclear emergency preparedness and to improve its contacts to the Nordic radiation protection authorities. A backup facility for the network has been established regarding exchange of operational real-time long-range dispersion model calculations. The facility consists of national password protected Web sites, at which some few basic results (maps) of atmospheric dispersion model calculations (forecasts) in emergency situations (or exercises) can be made available to the network. Technical problems at one institute will not influence the calculations or presentations from the other participants, which makes the system robust. The project has fulfilled its main harmonization goal by bringing the Nordic emergency modelling towards more unified approaches of the presentations of results and introduced a voluntary unification of the model output formats. It was left optional to upload raw data in a format enabling import into one of the Decision Support System (DSS) ARGOS or RODOS. However, implementation of either of these formats is feasible only in case of availability and utilization of the systems by the end-users in the specific country. Within the Nordic countries to-date most but not all of the models are capable of producing the ARGOS-compatible results. Another format of the output data supported by almost all MetNet participants is ENSEMBLE – a standard developed within the scope of the EC ENSEMBLE project that currently continues on a voluntary basis, regulated by a joint MoU, and covers nearly all European emergency-engaged services. It seems to be feasible to keep the Nordic network of MetNet Web sites also in a near future and continue its development regardless of presence of a third-party large-scale DSS, whether it is ARGOS, RODOS, ENSEMBLE or any other. Foreseen future close cooperation of the meteorological modelling groups with the DSS developers and national Radiation Protection Agencies may eventually help in determining a common platform supported by all Nordic and European models. Until this goal is achieved the Nordic network of Web sites would form a solid basis for operational cooperation and mutual backup of the emergency modelling.
Keywords:Air concentration; atmospheric; back-up; deposition; dispersion; emergency; forecast; meteorology; model; network; Nordic; nuclear; preparedness; radioactivity; real-time; transport; Denmark; Finland; Iceland; Norway; Sweden
Publication date:01 Mar 2007
ISBN:ISBN: 978-87-7893-210-5
Number of downloads:2240
Download:pdf NKS-147.pdf
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