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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Decommissioning
Report Number:NKS-146
Report Title:Cost Calculations for Decommissioning and Dismantling of Nuclear Research Facilities, Phase 1
Activity Acronym:CostCalc
Authors:Inga Andersson
Abstract:Today, it is recommended that planning of decommission should form an integral part of the activities over the life cycle of a nuclear facility. However, no actual international guideline on cost calculations exists at present. Intuitively, it might be tempting to regard costs for decommissioning of a nuclear facility as similar to those of any other plant. However, the presence of radionuclide contamination may imply that the cost is one or more orders of magnitude higher as compared to a corresponding inactive situation, the actual ratio being highly dependent on the level of contamination as well as design features and use of the facility in question. Moreover, the variations in such prerequisites are much larger than for nuclear power plants. This implies that cost calculations cannot be performed with any accuracy or credibility without a relatively detailed consideration of the radiological and other prerequisites. Application of inadequate methodologies – especially at early stages – has often lead to large underestimations. The goals of the project and the achievements described in the report are as follows: 1 Advice on good practice with regard to 1a Strategy and planning 1b Methodology selection 1c Radiological surveying 1d Uncertainty analysis 2 Techniques for assessment of costs 2a Cost structuring 2b Cost estimation methodologies 3 Compilation of data for plants, state of planning, organisations, e t c. 3a General descriptions of relevant features of the nuclear research facilities 3b General plant specific data 3c Example of the decommissioning of the R1 research reactor in Sweden 3d Example of the decommissioning of the DR1 research reactor in Denmark In addition, but not described in the present report, is the establishment of a Nordic network in the area including an internet based expert system. It should be noted that the project is planned to exist for at least three years and that the present report is an interim one covering the work for approximately the first 16 months.
Keywords:Decommissioning; radiological survey; technical planning; methodology selection; nuclear research facility; cost calculation; early stage; cost estimation; Nordic; dismantling
Publication date:01 Nov 2006
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-209-2
Number of downloads:6686
Download:pdf NKS-146.pdf
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