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NKS Programme Area:
Research Area:Evaluation
Report Number:NKS-145
Report Title:Evaluation of NKS Research Activities during 2002 - 2005
Activity Acronym:
Authors:Risto Sairanen; Per Persson; Per Hedemann Jensen; Tore Lindmo
Abstract:NKS research work during the years 2002 – 2005 and its results have been evaluated against a set of criteria defined by the NKS Board. The evaluation encompassed the NKS-R (reactor safety) and NKS-B (emergency preparedness) programs and was conducted by two persons per program. The mode of work of the two evaluation teams was adapted to the special conditions of the program at hand, one being aimed more at the nuclear industry and the other at a more academic surrounding; in both cases, however, with great involvement of relevant national authorities. The findings of the evaluators are presented in this report. Financing and participating organizations, end users, deliverables, quality aspects, cost-benefit issues, time schedules, budgets and related issues are discussed. Finally, the sections on NKS-R and NKS-B, respectively, include conclusions and recommendations for future NKS work.
Keywords:Accidents; ageing; application; automation; call for proposals; competition; contamination; control room; cost calculation; criteria; decision support system; decommissioning; deliverable; dose assessment; emergency preparedness; end user; environment; evaluation; funding; indicator organisms; in-kind contribution; intercomparison; interview; measurement; monitoring; network; Nordic dimension; nuclear safety; objectives; organizational issues; plant lifetime management; probabilistic; safety analysis; program manager; protection; quality assurance; questionnaire; radiation; radioactive; radioecology; release; remediation; risk analysis; safety culture; sampling; spectrometry; thermal hydraulics; waste
Publication date:01 Dec 2006
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-208-4
Number of downloads:2124
Download:pdf NKS-145.pdf
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