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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:CommTech
Report Title:The NKS-B CommTech seminars on effective use of communication technology in radiological and nuclear emergency preparedness
Activity Acronym:CommTech
Abstract:Communication technology is playing an increasingly greater role in nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness. The reaction time requested by modern societies has been much reduced in recent years. Nowadays the modern media is able to set up live satellite based news broadcasts from almost any place in the world. The authorities must be able to respond and provide assessments and guidance as quickly as possible. Communication technology plays a key role here. One complicating factor is that more and more measurement and decision support systems are being automated, but a common interface for the different systems (and in different countries) is still to be defined. Different communication protocols are in use, each may have its own advantage, but how should one be chosen for common use? Even the choice of how web technology is used is not as simple as it would seem at first sight. Many web sites may appear to the ordinary user to be advanced and serving their purpose well. Yet when one tries to print the information the right hand side of the displayed text may be missing. In reality there have been substantial improvements in standardization of web technology, but most web sites are still based on older standards. As a consequence their performance is very browser specific and usually formatting code is mixed with the actual contents. For emergency preparedness this means that far more stringent requirements need to be placed on the communication channels than would be the case if new standards were properly used (high bandwidth may be required were very low bandwidth might have been sufficient). This also means fewer opportunities for using mobile devices (e.g. telephone with web browsers) that are becoming more integrated into emergency response systems. The NKS-B CommTech seminars Communication technology is a rapidly expanding field, with no one expert having a complete overview. This makes it difficult for potential users to identify the pitfalls and the possibilities the new technique may offer.
Publication date:01 Apr 2006
Number of downloads:1604
Download:pdf CommTech.pdf
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