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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Measurement Strategy, technology and QA
Report Number:NKS-134
Report Title:Nordic Collaboration on the use of Mass-Spectrometers for the Analysis of Radioisotopes. NKS-project NORCMASS. Final report
Activity Acronym:NORCMASS
Authors:Lindis Skipperud, Per Roos, Ulrika Nygren, Petra Appelblad, Anna Sjögren, Christina Greis, Håkan Pettersson
Abstract:This report cover an overview of the work performed during a three year (2003-2005) project initialized with the purpose of identifying and work on problems in isotope ratio and ultra trace measurements of primarily plutonium and uranium isotopes and 237Np using ICP-MS. The project also included an educational part aiming to describe fundamental aspects and practical steps for radioisotope measurements using ICP-MS.
Keywords:Norcmass; ICP-MS; Mass spectrometry
Publication date:01 Apr 2006
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-196-7
Number of downloads:1857
Download:pdf NKS-134.pdf
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