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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-121
Report Title:Nuclear Threats in the Vicinity of the Nordic Countries. Supplementary Final Report of the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research
Activity Acronym:SBA-1
Authors:Inger Margrethe H. Eikelmann
Abstract:The purpose of this project was to continue the cross-disciplinary study SBA-1 “base of knowledge” in the NKS research program 1998-2001 regarding possible nuclear threats in the vicinity of the Nordic coun-tries. The main task for the project was to expand and envelope this database. Finding information to be placed in the database and identi-fying and filling gaps in knowledge were prioritised. This is a conti-nuous process which extends beyond the end of this project, in order to have an operating and updated database also in the years to come. In this project work has been done making information systems in Norway that can take care of the database in the future. The scope of the preceding project was to prepare a base of knowledge regarding possible nuclear threats in the vicinity of the Nordic coun-tries. The database, including a literature database, is presented on the website “Nuclear threats in the vicinity of the Nordic Countries”. The utilisation of modern information technology gives the user of the data-base easy access to information on different types of nuclear installati-ons and threats. The project focused on potential events at nuclear installations and the consequences for the Nordic countries, especially with regards to vulne-rable food chains, doses to man, environmental contamination and emergency preparedness systems. The geographical area dealt with includes North-west Russia and the Baltic states and the nuclear instal-lations investigated are nuclear power plants, ship reactors and storage and handling of used fuel and radioactive waste.
Keywords:Nuclear threats; Nordic countries; nuclear power plants; nuclear ship; nuclear waste; literature database; base of knowledge; web-accessed information; atmospheric transport; decommissioning of submarines; nuclear installations; waste management; radioactive contamination in marine environment; radioactive sources; criticality analysis.
Publication date:01 Apr 2006
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-182-7
Number of downloads:1878
Download:pdf NKS-121.pdf
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