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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-98
Report Title:EcoDoses. Improving radiological assessment of doses to man from terrestrial ecosystems. A status report for the NKS-B project 2003
Activity Acronym:EcoDoses
Authors:Lavrans Skuterud, Sigurður Emil Pálsson, Edited by Tone D. Bergan, Astrid Liland. Authors Sven P. Nielsen, Mats Isaksson, Ritva Saxén, Eila Kostiainen, Kristina Rissanen, Hans Pauli Joensen, Tone D. Bergan, Håvard Thørring & Astrid Liland
Abstract:The NKS B-programme EcoDoses project started in 2003 as a collaboration between all the Nordic countries. The aim of the project is to improve the radiological assessments of doses to man from terrestrial ecosystems. The first part, conducted in 2003, has focussed on an extensive collation and review of both published and unpublished data from all the Nordic countries for the nuclear weapons fallout period and the post-Chernobyl period. This included data on radionuclides in air filters, precipitation, soil samples, milk and reindeer. Based on this, an improved model for estimating radioactive fallout based on precipitation data during the nuclear weapons fallout period has been developed. Effective ecological half- lives for 137Cs and 90Sr in milk have been calculated for the nuclear weapons fallout period. For reindeer the ecological half- lives for 137Cs have been calculated for both the nuclear weapons fallout period and the post-Chernobyl period. The data were also used to compare modelling results with observed concentrations. This was done at a workshop where the radioecological food-and-dose module in the ARGOS decision support system was used to predict transfer of deposited radionuclides to foodstuffs and subsequent radiation doses to man. The work conducted the first year is presented in this report and gives interesting, new results relevant for terrestrial radioecology.
Keywords:Nuclear weapons fallout; deposition modelling; food chain modelling; ecological half-lives in reindeer and milk
Publication date:01 May 2004
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-157-6
Number of downloads:2806
Download:pdf NKS-98.pdf
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