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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:NKS-65
Report Title:Nuclear threats in the vicinity of the Nordic countries. Final Report of the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research Project SBA-1
Activity Acronym:SBA-1
Authors:Inger Margrethe H. Eikelmann
Abstract:The acute phase of a nuclear accident and the possibility of high exposure of the populations are always the most important threats in the emergency preparedness work. Radioactive contamination from an accident can however also cause long term effects for land use and enhanced doses to special population groups and eco-nomic problems for agriculture, reindeer industry, hunting, tourism and recreation. For planning purposes it is always valuable to be aware of surrounding radiation hazards and other potential threats. Thus, mapping such threats in a Nordic context is an important factor in emergency preparedness in the area. This report presents a cross-disciplinary study from the NKS research program 1998-2001.The scope of the project was to prepare a “base of knowledge” regard-ing possible nuclear threats in the vicinity of the Nordic countries. This base of knowledge will, by modern information technology as different websites, be made available to authorities, media and the population. The users of the websites can easily get information on different types of nuclear installations and threats. The users can get an overview of the situation and, if they so wish, make their own judgements. The project dealt with a geographical area including North-west Russia and the Baltic states. The results from the different activities in the project were generated in a web based database called the “the base of knowledge”.
Publication date:01 Nov 2002
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-120-7
Number of downloads:2142
Download:pdf NKS-65.pdf
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