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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Radioecological assessments
Report Number:NKS-97-FR5
Report Title:Ecological Half-lives of Radioactive elements in Semi-natural Systems
Activity Acronym:EKO-2
Authors:Tone D. Bergan
Abstract:The recovery of Nordic seminatural ecosystems from radioactive fallout 8 - 11 years after the Chernobyl accident is studied. Ecological halflives of radiocesium in various ecosystems such as uncultivated pastures, mountain areas and uplands are important, since foodstuffs from these areas account for a considerable dose to man. Dominant types of foodstuffs are identified. Three types of problem areas have been chosen: sheep grazing on uncultivated pasture; mushrooms; and freshwater fish. By incorporating the new data on ecological half-lives into existing models, uncertainties in dose calculations may be decreased.
Publication date:01 Oct 2000
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-025-1
Number of downloads:3909
Download:pdf NKS-97-FR5.pdf
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