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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Measurement Strategy, technology and QA
Report Number:NKS-17
Report Title:Sampling methods. A survey of methods in use in the Nordic Countries
Activity Acronym:BOK-1
Authors:Mats Isaksson
Abstract:This report is a survey of sampling techniques currently in use for radioactivity measurements in the Nordic countries, but restricted to sampling techniques for pasture, soil and deposition in emergency situations. It is found that the participating laboratories apply similar sampling procedures for pasture, including cutting height and size of sampled areas. Soil samples are generally taken by some sort of corer of different diameter. The number of cores taken varies, different sampling patterns are used, and pooling of the samples is done by some of the laboratories. The analysis of pasture and of soil is made with NaI-detectors or by high-resolution gamma spectrometry on fresh or dried samples. Precipitation collectors of a range of sizes are used to determine the activity concentration in precipitation and of dry deposited radionuclides. The analysis is made with high-resolution gamma spectrometry, either directly on a water sample or on ion exchange resins.
Publication date:01 Oct 2000
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-067-7
Number of downloads:2144
Download:pdf NKS-17.pdf
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