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NKS Programme Area:
Research Area:Information
Report Number:NKS-5
Report Title:Planer for NKS-programmet 1998-2001
Activity Acronym:SOS-1
Abstract:The project SOS-1, Safety Assessment and Strategies for safety, is proposed to form part of the Safety and Radiation Protection (SOS) programme under the Nordic Nuclear Safety research (NKS) planned for the years 1998-2001. The SOS programme will comprise, in addition, a project on Reactor Safety, SOS-2, and another on Nuclear Waste Safety, SOS-3. The project SOS-1 aims primarily at promoting, among the “target group” - educated public, media people, and decision makers, as well as the technical experts in the various related fields, - enhanced understanding and rationalised views in regard of managing nuclear risk and safety by lending transparency to related, commonly complicated issues. The approach consists for large part in organising well-prepared workshops on a number of the truly basic issues concerning risk and safety with broad participation of laymen as well as experts. The issues include risk perspectives and perception, principal safety concepts and safety culture as well as the related management aspects and questions in regard of making proper as well as transparent assessments The project will draw from the results of the other SOS projects and include further research in selected areas. When successful the project would provide, in practice, improved means of communicating more easily within the target group as required to achieve the common understanding aimed at. To be successful, the project requires dedicated participation on a broad basis. The pre-project has indicated, in general, genuine interest among the authorities and the utilities and clear willingness to participate to the extent possible. However, it seems to remain to gain enhanced appreciation of the concept on part of the public relations staff. The pre-project group unanimously recommends the project for execution according to proposed lines while continuing the efforts to ensure the broad participation to be desired.
Publication date:01 Aug 1999
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-053-7
Number of downloads:2515
Download:pdf NKS-05.pdf
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