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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Risk analysis
Report Number:RAK-1-97-R11
Report Title:Integrated Sequence Analysis
Activity Acronym:RAK-1
Authors: , Pekka Pyy
Abstract:The NKS/RAK subproject 3 ‘integrated sequence analysis’ (ISA) was formulated with the overall objective to develop and to test integrated methodologies in order to evaluate event sequences with significant human action contribution. The term ‘methodology’ denotes not only technical tools but also methods for integration of different scientific disciplines. In this report, we first discuss the background of ISA and the surveys made to map methods in different application fields, such as man machine system simulation software, human reliability analysis (HRA) and expert judgement. Specific event sequences were, after the surveys, selected for application and testing of a number of ISA methods. The event sequences discussed in the report were cold overpressure of BWR, shutdown LOCA of BWR, steam generator tube rupture of a PWR and BWR disturbed signal view in the control room after an external event. Different teams analysed these sequences by using different ISA and HRA methods. Two kinds of results were obtained from the ISA project: sequence specific and more general findings. The sequence specific results are discussed together with each sequence description. The general lessons are discussed under a separate chapter by using comparisons of different case studies. These lessons include areas ranging from plant safety management (design, procedures, instrumentation, operations, maintenance and safety practices) to methodological findings (ISA methodology, PSA, HRA, physical analyses, behavioural analyses and uncertainty assessment). Finally follows a discussion about the project and conclusions are presented. An interdisciplinary study of complex phenomena is a natural way to produce valuable and innovative results. This project came up with structured ways to perform ISA and managed to apply them in practice. The project also highlighted some areas where more work is needed. In the HRA work, development is required for the use of simulators and expert judgement as data sources. On the modelling side, development is required in more dynamic methods and software tools. In safety studies, more emphasis should be put to instrumentation, shutdown conditions and cases including widely distributed human actions.
Publication date:01 Febr 1998
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-047-2
Number of downloads:1694
Download:pdf RAK-1-97-R11.pdf
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