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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Severe accidents and Reactor Physics
Report Number:NKS-97-RAK2-TR-A6
Report Title:Source Term Calculations - Ringhals 2 PWR
Activity Acronym:RAK-2
Authors:Lise-Lotte Johansson
Abstract:This project was performed within the fifth and final phase of sub-project RAK-2.1 of the Nordic CO-operative Reactor Safety Program, NKS. RAK-2.1 has also included studies of reflooding of degraded core, recriticality and late phase melt progression. Earlier source term calculations for Swedish nuclear power plants are based on the integral code MAAP. A need was recognised to compare these calculations with calculations done with mechanistic codes. In the present work SCDAP/RELAP5 and CONTAIN were used. Only limited results could be obtained within the frame of RAK-2.1, since many problems were encountered using the SCDAP/RELAP5 code. The main obstacle was the extremely long execution times of the MOD3.1 version, but also some dubious fission product calculations. However, some interesting results were obtained for the studied sequence, a total loss of AC power. The report describes the modelling approach for SCDAP/RELAP5 and CONTAIN, and discusses results for the transient including the event of a surge line creep rupture. The study will probably be completed later, providing that an improved SCDAP/RELAP5 code version becomes available .
Publication date:01 Febr 1998
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-036-7
Number of downloads:6464
Download:pdf NKS-97-RAK2-TR-A6.pdf
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