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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Reactor Safety
Report Number:NKS-96-RAK2-TR-C2
Report Title:Description of the Advanced Gas Cooled Type of Reactor (AGR)
Activity Acronym:RAK-2
Authors:Erik Nonbøl
Abstract:The present report comprises a technical description of the Advanced Gas cooled Reactor (AGR), a reactor type which has only been built in Great Britain. 14 AGR reactors have been built, located at 6 different sites and each station is supplied with twin-react ors . The Torness AGR plant on the Lothian coastline of Scotland, 60 km east of Edinburgh, has been chosen as the reference plant and is described in some detail. Data on the other 6 stations, Dungeness B, Hinkley Point B, Hunterston B, Hartlepool, Heysham I and Heysham II, are given only in tables with a summary of design data. mere specific data for Torness AGR has not been available, corresponding data from other AGR plants has been used, primarily from Heysham II, which belongs to the same generation of AGR reactors. The information presented is based on the open literature. The report is written as a part of the NKS/RAK-2 subproject 3: ”Reactors in Nordic Surroundings”, which comprises a description of nuclear power plants neighbouring the Nordic countries.
Publication date:01 Nov 1996
ISBN:ISBN: 87-550-2264-2
Number of downloads:34212
Download:pdf NKS-96-RAK2-TR-C2.pdf

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