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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Radioecological assessments
Report Number:SLU-105
Report Title:Soil ingestion in farm animals - A review
Activity Acronym:EKO-2
Authors:Anders H. Herlin, Inger Andersson
Abstract:The effects of soil ingestion in farm animals have been discussed from time to time especially as soil can be a source for the animals' supply of micro elements. It is also evident that soil can be a source of deposited contaminants. In the industrialised world, heavy metal deposition may be serious. Ground deposition of radioactive elements over large areas following nuclear power plant accidents proved to be a reality after the Chernobyl accident, as also earlier global fallout from nuclear weapons tests. The transfer of deposited elements of different origins to animal products such as meat and milk and then to the human diet may be increased by the animals' soil ingestion. The present review gives several aspects on the phenomenon of soil ingestion in farm animals. The study is included in research project EKO 2.1, "Transfer of radiocaesium and radiostrontium from soil to vegetation and to lambs", within the research programme of NKS (Nordisk karnsakerhetsforskning). A preliminary version of the report was presented at the NKS-Seminar in Nesbru, Asker, Norway in November 1995.
Publication date:01 Apr 1996
ISBN:ISBN: 1104-7313
Number of downloads:1643
Download:pdf SLU-105.pdf
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