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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Waste
Report Number:NKS-96-RAK2-TR-B2
Report Title:CAMS achievements in 1995
Activity Acronym:RAK-2
Authors:G. Meyer, A. Sørenssen, . Berg, P. Fantoni, Y. Iguchi, C. Van Dyck
Abstract:CAMS (Computerised Accident Management Support) is a system being developed as a joint research activity at the Halden Reactor Project with additional financing from the Swedish Nuclear Inspectorate (SKI) and the Nordic NKS/RAK-2 project. Three types of users are envisaged: the staff in the Control room, the staff in the technical support centre, and the staff at a national emergency centre. It is still an experimental system. The Swedish Nuclear Inspectorate kindly accepted to test CAMS at a safety exercise on the 4th of May, 1995. CAMS is designed assuming automatic data transfer from the plant. Missing the data link, a simulator running in the next room was updated now and then with data received by phone. As seen from CAMS, it did not matter if the data came from a fake plant or from a real plant, except that the data were delayed. Overall, it seemed that CAMS can be a very important tool for a national authority. A data link from the plant would increase its usefulness. Several comments to design features were collected, and will be used to improve the system. The model needs more inputs to Control the main parameters, and a larger repertoire of fault conditions should be put into the model. In the second half of 1995, the work on CAMS has concentrated upon designing new modules for signal validation, tracking simulation, and state identification. This will provide better capabilities for on-line monitoring and assessment of the plant state. Further, it has been proposed to introduce Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) to assist in risk monitoring. A first prototype has been made on a PC showing the main features of such a PSA module.
Publication date:01 Jan 1996
Number of downloads:2060
Download:pdf NKS-96-RAK2-TR-B2.pdf
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