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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Reactor Safety
Report Number:NKS-95-RAK2-TR-C1
Report Title:Description of the Prototype Fast Reactor at Dounreay
Activity Acronym:RAK-2
Authors:S.E. Jensen, P.L. Ølgaard
Abstract:The Prototype Fast Reactor (PFR) at Dounreay, UK, started operation in 1975 and was closed down in 1994. The present report contains a description of the PFR nuclear power plant, based on information available in literature and on information supplied during a visit to the plant. The report covers a description of the site and plant arrangement, the buildings and structures, the reactor core and other vessel internals, the Control system, the main cooling system, the decay heat removal system, the emergency core cooling system, the containment system, the stem and power conversion system, the fuel handling system, plant safety features, the Control and instrumentation systems and the sodium purification systems. The report was prepared as part of the NKS RAK-2 programme.
Publication date:01 Dec 1995
ISBN:ISBN: 87-550-2265-0
Number of downloads:8965
Download:pdf NKS-95-RAK2-TR-C1.pdf
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