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NKS Programme Area:NKS-B
Research Area:Emergency preparedness
Report Number:1990:111
Report Title:Deposition and removal of radioactive substances in an urban area
Activity Acronym:AKTU-245
Authors:Jørn Roed
Abstract:Radiation doses received by the population of a contaminated urban area have been estimated. Possible dose reduction measures and their cost-effectiveness are investigated. Potentially important parameters influencing the doses have also been studied. They include distribution of contamination following both wet and dry deposition, run-off, weathering, shielding, resuspension, indoor deposition, the relative airborne concentrations indoors and outdoors,and forced decontamination. It is shown that contamination of the green areas in an urban complex is generally a major contributor to dose. A study of the cost-effectiveness of different clean-up procedures indicates that decontamination of green areas and streets are relatively cost-effective and would rank highly in a list of priorities. Following a contamination due to a reactor accident, the dose rate to an individual will generally be less in an urban area than in a rural environment.
Publication date:01 Oct 1990
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7303-514-9
Number of downloads:2000
Download:pdf 146.pdf
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