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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Risk analysis
Report Number:NORD 1990:33
Report Title:Optimization of technical specifications by use of probabilistic methods - A Nordic perspective
Activity Acronym:RAS-450
Authors:Kari Laakso (edt.)
Abstract:The Technical Specifications of a nuclear power plant specify the limits for plant operation from the safety point of view. These operational safety rules were originally defined on the basis of deterministic analyses and engineering judgement. As experience has accumulated, it has proved necessary to consider problems and make specific modifications in these rules. Developments in probabilistic safety assessment have provided a new tool to analyse, present and compare the risk effects of proposed rule modifications. The main areas covered in the project are operational decisions in failure situations, preventive maintenance during power operation and surveillance tests of standby safety systems.
Publication date:01 May 1990
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7303-422-3
Number of downloads:1860
Download:pdf 109.PDF

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