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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Decommissioning
Report Number:NORD 1990:30
Report Title:Some studies related to decommissioning of nuclear reactors
Activity Acronym:KAV-350
Authors:Curt Bergman, Shankar Menon
Abstract:Decommissioning of large nuclear reactors has not yet taken place in the Nordic countries. Small nuclear installations, however, have been dismantled. This NKA-programme has dealt with some interesting and important factors which have to be analysed before a large scale decommissioning programme starts. Prior to decommissioning, knowledge is required regarding the radionuclide inventory in various parts of the reactor. Measurements were performed in regions close to the reactor tank and the biological shield. These experimental data are used to verify theoretical calculations. All radioactive waste generated during decommissioning will have to be transported to a repository. Studies show that in all the Nordic countries there are adequate transport systems with which decommissioning waste can be transported. Another requirement for orderly decommissioning planning is that sufficient information about the plant and its operation history must be available. It appears that if properly handled and sorted, all such information can be extracted from existing documentation.
Publication date:01 Febr 1990
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7303-419-3
Number of downloads:4922
Download:pdf 122.PDF
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