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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Risk analysis
Report Number:NORD 1989:91(1)
Report Title:Principles for decisions involving environmental and health risks
Activity Acronym:-
Authors:Gunnar Bengtsson (edt.)
Abstract:Decision making with respect to safety is becoming more and more complex. The risk involved must be taken into account together with numerous other factors such as the benefits, the uncertainties and the public perception. Can the decision maker be aided by some kind of system, general rules of thumb, or broader perspective on similar decisions? This question has been addressed in a joint Nordic project relating to nuclear power. Modem techniques for risk assessment and management have been studied, and parallels drawn to such areas as offshore safety and management of genotoxic chemicals in the environment. The topics include synoptic vs. incrementalistic approaches to decision making, health hazards from radiation and genotoxic chemicals, value judgments in decision making, definitions of low risks, risk comparisons, and principles for decision making when risks are involved.
Publication date:01 Dec 1989
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7303-363-4
Number of downloads:1799
Download:pdf 106.PDF
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