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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Plant life management and extension
Report Number:NORD 1988:102
Report Title:Corrosion in seawater systems
Activity Acronym:MAT-510
Authors:Sture Henrikson
Abstract:Highly alloyed stainless steels have been exposed to natural chlorinated and chlorine-free seawater at 35 C. Simulated tube-tubesheet joints, weld joints and galvanic couples with titanium, 90/10 CuNi and NiAl bronze were tested and evaluated for corrosion. The corrosion rates of various anode materials - zinc, aluminium and soft iron - were also determined. Finally the risk of hydrogen embrittlement of tubes of ferritic stainless steels and titanium as a consequence of cathodic protection was studied. An attempt was also made to explain the cracking mechanism of the ferritic steels by means of transmission electron microscopy. One important conclusion of the project is that chlorinated seawater is considerably more corrosive to stainless steels than chlorine-free water, whereas chlorination reduces the rate of galvanic corrosion of copper materials coupled to stainless steels. Hydrogen embrittlement of ferritic stainless steels and titanium as a consequence of cathodic protection of carbon steel or cast iron in the same structure can be avoided by strict potentiostatic control of the applied potential.
Publication date:01 Sept 1988
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7303-253-0
Number of downloads:10217
Download:pdf 103.PDF
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