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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Automation and control room
Report Number:NKA/LIT(85)4
Report Title:The design process and the use of computerized tools in control room design
Activity Acronym:LIT-3.1
Authors:B. Wahlström, R. Heinonen, J. Ranta, J. Haarla
Abstract:Control room design has proven an important component when the safety and avail ability of a complex industrial process plant are considered. Many Control room deficiencies can be traced back to oversights and other errors during the design process. The introduction of powerful computers and software for computer-aided design (CAD) offers one possibility when tools for improving the quality of design are being selected. The report gives a broad assessment of problems of design and the benefits of using computer-aided design. One proposal for a structure of a computer-aided design system is considered in more detail. In this system special emphasis has been laid on dealing with requirements during the design process. A demonstration system has been built and sample system user dialogues are described. The report is the final report of the LIT3.1 project of the Nordic cooperation on human reliability in the energy production field.
Publication date:01 Sept 1985
ISBN:ISBN: 951-46-9077-X
Number of downloads:2205
Download:pdf 134.PDF
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