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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Waste
Report Number:NKA/AO(81)8
Report Title:Nuclide content in reactor waste
Activity Acronym:AO
Authors:E. Ruokola
Abstract:Certain corrosion and fission products of importance in reactor waste management cannot be measured by gammaspectrometric techniques. In this study, a met.hod is suggested by which the occurrence of such nuclides can be quantitatively related to suitable gamma-emitters of similar origin. The method is tested by statistical analysis on the waste data recorded from two Swedish nuclear power plants. As this method is not applicable for Carbon-14, this nuclide was measured directly in spent ion exchange resins from three Finnish and Swedish power plants.
Publication date:01 Nov 1981
Number of downloads:2875
Download:pdf 007.PDF
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