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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Thermal hydraulics
Report Number:NK-465
Report Title:Thermal Hydraulic Phenomena of the Suppression Pool
Activity Acronym:THEOS
Authors:Pavel Kudinov, Xicheng Wang, Yun Feng, Dmitry Grishchenko, Markku Puustinen, Antti Räsänen, Eetu Kotro, Lauri Pyy, Ari Silde, Timo Pättikangas,
Abstract:Propose steam condensation region (SCR) approach for implementation of the Effective Heat Source (EHS) and Effective Momentum Source (EMS) provides accurate prediction of the pool behaviour. The models are used for pre- and post-test analysis of the PANDA H2P3 and H2P4 experiments. Approach for estimation of liquid velocity in SEF-POOL tests based on tracking of bubbles using stereo video imaging has been developed. Validated EHS/EMS models have been applied to modelling of a Nordic BWR. Dynamic loads at low subcooling, the effect of the number injection holes, and flow visualization with stereo imaging were studied in the SEF-POOL facility. Four steam injection tests were performed. Noticeable differences were observed in the dependency of the force and its oscillations on the pool temperature for single- and three-hole spargers. Largest vibrations occur after the pool water temperature exceeds 90°C. The pool stratification and mixing modelling capability of Apros were analysed for PPOOLEX tests using a denser “pseudo 2-D” 3-column nodalization. The new model clearly improved the simulation results with stronger stratification and, therefore, tended to attenuate the pool mixing compared. The promising model concept should be further studied simulating other experiments e.g. PANDA
Keywords:Steam Condensation, Pool Stratification, Mixing, Pressure Suppression Pool, Thermal Hydraulic, BWR, Containment, CFD, GOTHIC
Publication date:30 Nov 2022
Number of downloads:502
Download:pdf NKS-465.pdf
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