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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Thermal hydraulics
Report Number:NKS-389
Report Title:Simulation of PPOOLEX stratification and mixing experiment SPA-T1
Activity Acronym:COPSAR
Authors:Risto Huhtanen, Timo Pättikangas,
Abstract:Thermal stratification of the pressure suppression pool of the PPOOLEX facility has been studied at Lappeenranta University of Technology in experiments, where steam was injected into water pool through a sparger. In the stratification phase of the experiment SPA-T1, steam was injected into the pool at a small mass flow rate of 30 g/s for time 13 650 s. Then the mass flow rate was increased to 123 g/s in order to mix the pool. In the present report, CFD calculation of the experiment SPA-T1 is presented. The stratification phase and the mixing phase of the experiment were calculated by using the ANSYS Fluent 16.2 CFD code. Single-phase calculation was performed, where the mass, momentum and enthalpy sources of the injected steam were added in front of the sparger holes. Comparison of the CFD calculation to the measurements shows that the simulation predicts the temperature trends over time rather well. However, during the long stratification phase the calculated mixing between the lower part and the upper part is too strong. This might be corrected by adding grid resolution in the density and velocity gradient layer near the injection. Due to the excessive mixing during the stratification phase the predicted thermal transient in the mixing phase is somewhat milder than in the experiments.
Keywords:BWR, pressure suppression pool, condensation pool, stratification, mixing, CFD, computational fluid dynamics
Publication date:27 Apr 2017
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-475-8
Number of downloads:1805
Download:pdf NKS-389.pdf
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