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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Reactor physics
Report Number:NKS-388
Report Title:Data and visualization solutions for HYBRID core simulation method
Activity Acronym:HYBRID
Authors:William Beere, Tai Tien Huynh,
Abstract:The modelling of neutron transport typically relies on two rather opposite approaches: the probabilistic approach, and the deterministic approach. The purpose of the present project is to combine both approaches in order to obtain fast running methods (thanks to the deterministic route) and accurate results (thanks to the probabilistic route). This so-called hybrid method will result in larger amounts of high-fidelity data than previous solutions to this problem. Viewing, comparing and storing this data should utilize the latest in data handling technology, covering input generation, data storage and output visualization. This report summarizes work performed so far in analysing the data aspects of this problem. This data system will not only be required to interface correctly with the proposed HYBRID method but will also have to interact with the envisaged user organization. At this stage of the project, the organizations are research institutes and universities. In the future, they may be reactor operators, fuel vendors or even reactor construction companies. Even further in the future spent fuel disposal companies may require some parts of the data solution. Considering these users we have proposed a list of requirements related to quality assurance, continuous development and aging management. This report makes a start at describing the data problem. Data types, uses and possible database configurations are discussed. Finally, some examples of different data structures are given and possible consequences investigated. The next project phase will focus on constructing and testing different data solutions and showing possible visualizations.
Keywords:Neutron Transport, Database, SQL, NoSQL, Big Data
Publication date:27 Apr 2017
ISBN:ISBN 978-87-7893-474-1
Number of downloads:1885
Download:pdf NKS-388.pdf
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