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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Organisation and safety culture
Report Number:NKS-88
Report Title:Safety Management: A Frame of Reference for Studies of Nuclear Power. Safety Management and Case Studies from Non-Nuclear Contexts
Activity Acronym:
Authors: , Ilkka Salo
Abstract:A systems perspective on safety management is introduced followed by two briefly presented case studies of safety management. The first study concerns a car manufacturer and the second study a road traffic tunnel system. The risks of a car accident in the first case study are evident. The great exposure generates many incidents and accidents. In the second study, the rather low traffic intensity through the tunnel produces few incidents and accidents and only a few fatal accidents over the years. Yet, the risk of the individual traveller is much greater in the tunnel than on the average road. The case studies are presented in a systems perspective with emphasis on information feedback about the risks of the systems. The first case study illustrates high quality safety management, while the second case study shows many weaknesses of the safety management in the tunnel system. Some differences in safety management between the case studies are noted. The last part of the study presents an organizational perspective on safety management and offers alternative theoretical perspectives on the concept of safety management. The report shows that further studies are needed both (1) to develop a frame of reference for describing safety management across industries and activities and (2) to collect data illustrating of good and poor safety management. Then, the results can be used to strengthen and/or improving safety management in the nuclear power industry and its regulators.
Keywords:Safety management; case studies; systems perspective; information feedback
Publication date:01 Sept 2003
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-146-0
Number of downloads:3409
Download:pdf NKS-88.pdf
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