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NKS Programme Area:
Research Area:Evaluation
Report Number:NKS-69
Report Title:Samordningsfunktionen. Slutrapport for Nordisk Kernesikkerhedsforsknings projekt SEK
Activity Acronym:SEK
Authors:Torkel N. O. Bennerstedt, Finn Physant, Annette Lemmens,
Abstract:Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS) organizes joint four-year research programs involving some 300 Nordic scientists and dozens of central authorities, nuclear facilities and other concerned organizations in five countries. The aim is to produce practical, easy-to-use reference material for decision makers and help achieve a better popular understanding of nuclear issues. To that end the results of the sixth four-year NKS program (1998 - 2001) are herewith presented in a series of final reports comprising reactor safety, radioactive waste management, emergency preparedness, radioecology, and databases on nuclear threats in Nordic surroundings. Each report summarizes the main work, findings and conclusions of the six projects carried out during that period. The administrative support and coordination work is presented in a separate report. A special Summary Report, with a brief résumé of all projects, is also published. Additional copies of the reports on the individual projects as well as the administrative work and the Summary Report can be ordered free of charge from the NKS Secretariat. The final reports - together with technical reports and other material from the 1998 - 2001 period - will be collected on a CD-ROM, also available free of charge from the NKS Secretariat. During the last few years a growing interest has been noted among sister organizations in the three Baltic States, especially in the field of emergency preparedness, radiation protection and radioecology. This has widened the scope of our joint Nordic work and fed new influences and valuable competence into the NKS program. The Baltic participation is therefore gratefully acknowledged.
Publication date:01 Nov 2002
ISBN:ISBN: 87-7893-125-8
Number of downloads:1881
Download:pdf NKS-69.pdf
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