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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Automation and control room
Report Number:NKS-95-RAK1-R2
Report Title:Survey of methods for integrated sequence analysis with emphasis on man-machine interaction
Activity Acronym:RAK-1
Authors:U. Kahlbom, P. Holmgren
Abstract:A literature study on non-dynamic human reliability assessment methodologies has been performed. The study is included in subproject 3 of the NKS/RAK-1 project concerning Integrated Sequence Analysis. The literature study was performed in order to compile and assess different recent methods. One specific objective was to propose some of these methodologies for use in the sequence analysis task. The survey focuses on non-dynamic (monotonic) methodologies. One semi-dynamic method, HITLINE, is presented. Reference [1] provides a summary of approaches to dynamic methods for analysis of man-machine-interactions. The survey shows that most of the new methodologies are dynamic. Completely new monotonic methodologies are rare. The main effort in the monotonic area seems to be enhancements concerning the treatment of psychological and cognitive behaviour in already established methodologies In the survey, books, journals, and data-bases were used. More than 200 references were found. Six methods in those references were chosen for a more thorough investigation. They are briefly presented in the report: Enhancement of SLIM-MAUD, INTENT,COGENT,HIET, HITLINE, HRMS. HIET and COGENT are recommended for further analysis and are suggested to be used in subproject 3. Already established methodologies and dynamic methodologies have not been taken into consideration in the present report.
Publication date:01 May 1995
Number of downloads:2000
Download:pdf NKS-95-RAK1-R2.pdf
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