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NKS Programme Area:NKS-R
Research Area:Waste
Report Number:NKS-95-TR-B1
Report Title:The CAMS prototype
Activity Acronym:RAK-2
Authors:P. Fantoni, G. Meyer, P. Nurmilaukus, M. Sirola, A. Sørenssen
Abstract:CAMS (Computerized Accident Management Support) is a system that will provide support in normal states as well as in accident states. Support is offered in identification of the plant state, in assessment of the future development of the accident, and in planning of accident mitigation strategies. It does not give support in execution of the chosen mitigation strategy. We imagine different types of users: operators and shift leaders, the staff in the technical support centre, and people in the national safety authorities. These different types of users need different types of support. CAMS picks up information &om the plant and transforms it into a more digestible form before presenting it to the users. The transformation process can be controlled by the user. CAMS consists of a signal-validation module, a tracking simulator, a predictive simulator, a strategy generator and a critical function monitor. Much work has been put into the man-machine interface. The prototype does not yet contain all these features, the present version comprises the predictive parts of the system. The purpose of the prototype is to test out the possibilities and also the difficulties of the chosen design. The present prototype has been made for a boiling- water reactor, but the possibility of making a version for pressurized water reactors will be investigated.
Publication date:01 Mar 1995
Number of downloads:2080
Download:pdf NKS-95-TR-B1.pdf
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