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NKS NewsFlash 76

NKS on LinkedIn, upcoming seminars, new publications, young scientist travel assistance

NKS NewsFlash 75

Summary Report from the NKS Board Meeting in Oslo, January 17-18, 2017

NKS NewsLetter 26

NKS-R and NKS-B Call for Proposals 2017, recent seminars, new publications, young scientist travel assistance


NKS Joint Nuclear Safety and Emergency Preparedness Seminar January 2016

Nordic perspectives of Fukushima: Where are we now and where do we go?



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This site offers information on the purpose, results and structure of NKS (Nordic Nuclear Safety Research). NKS is a platform for Nordic cooperation and competence in nuclear safety including radiation protection and emergency preparedness. The work is financed and supported by Nordic authorities, companies and other organizations. The results are used by financiers and other participating organisations in their decision making processes and information efforts. All results are also available here, free of charge, to anyone interested in NKS activities. When quoting or referring to NKS material a reference to the source would be appreciated.


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pdfSimulation of PPOOLEX stratification and mixing experiment SPA-T1
pdfData and visualization solutions for HYBRID core simulation method
pdfDevelopment of a hybrid neutron transport solver in 2 energy groups
pdfAddressing off-site consequence criteria using Level 3 PSA
pdfBarsebäck as Research and Development Platform, Extraction and Analysis of Reactor Pressure Vessel Material

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19-20 September 2017, Seminar for users of gamma spectrometry, DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde, Denmark


Presentations from previous seminars:

NKS Joint Nuclear Safety and Emergency Preparedness Seminar January 2016

NKS-B NORCOP-COAST Workshop, 13-14 October 2015

NKS-B NUFORNOR Seminar, 5-6 October 2015

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