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This is NKS

Nordic Cooperation Forum


NKS (Nordic Nuclear Safety Research) is a forum for Nordic cooperation and competence in nuclear safety, including emergency preparedness, serving as an umbrella for Nordic initiatives and interests. It runs joint activities of interest to financing organisations and other end users producing seminars, exercises, scientific articles, technical reports and other types of reference material. The work is financed and supported by Nordic authorities, companies and other organisations. The results which should be practical and directly applicable are used by participating organisations in their decision making processes and information activities.



The Nordic Approach


The Nordic region comprises five countries, i.e., Denmark (including the Faroe Islands and Greenland), Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Building on the foundation of a common cultural and historical heritage and a long tradition of collaboration, NKS aims to facilitate a common Nordic view on nuclear and radiation safety.  A common understanding of rules, practice and measures, and national differences in this context, is an essential requirement.   Through collaborative efforts problems may be tackled quicker, more efficiently, more consistently, and at a lower cost.    



Why Nordic Cooperation on Nuclear and Radiological issues?


One reason to maintain this collaboration between the Nordic countries is the common challenges in relation to nuclear installations.  While nuclear power plants are in operation in Finland and Sweden, research reactors have been operated in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.   Clearly, exchange of operational expertise and new ideas can be beneficial.  Some of the Nordic research reactors have been closed down and the experience gained in subsequent decommissioning may be useful in connection with the planned decommissioning of Swedish nuclear power reactors.  Also knowledge exchange between Sweden’s nuclear fuel production plant and other Nordic nuclear installations may be beneficial.   The Fukushima accident highlighted the need for an effective operational emergency preparedness for accidents at nuclear installations.  By continuously improving detection, response and decision aiding tools while maintaining an informal collaborative network between relevant stakeholders in the Nordic countries, the capacity and capability to respond optimally to an emergency is enhanced.  Experience has shown that nuclear and radiological challenges to society are far from static, and the response systems require continuous development.  Radiological issues need to be addressed coherently and effectively in the Nordic countries, and some of these are on the NKS agenda.  They range from exposure to naturally occurring radioactive material in the environment to the threat of malicious use of radioactive material. In addition to the NKS cooperation there is an extensive co-operation between the Nordic radiation safety authorities regarding general radiation safety issues.  



Nordic and International Benefits


NKS with its program for nuclear safety including emergency preparedness is of common benefit for all five Nordic countries. The hallmark of NKS is a spirit of sharing – all results are available free of charge on the NKS web site (, not only to the NKS family but also worldwide providing an international benefit of the NKS  work. When quoting NKS material, a reference to the source will be appreciated.



Two Program Areas


NKS activities are divided into two program areas:

NKS-R: Reactor safety; Nuclear power plant life management and extension; Decommissioning and reactor waste management (excluding Measurements); Organisational issues.

NKS-B: Nuclear and radiological emergency preparedness; Measurement strategy, technology and quality assurance; Radioecology and environmental assessments.



Owners and Financiers of NKS


The owners and main financiers are:

Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA, Denmark)

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM, Finland)

Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority (GR, Iceland)

Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (DSA, Norway)

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM, Sweden)


The co-financiers are:

Fennovoima Oy (Finland)

Fortum Power and Heat Ltd. (Finland)

TVO (Finland)

Institute for Energy Technology (IFE, Norway)

Forsmark Kraftgrupp AB (Sweden)

OKG AB (Sweden)

Ringhals AB (Sweden)

SKB (Sweden)



Financial Contribution


In 2018 the contributions of the owners and additional financiers were more than 8 million Danish crowns (approximately 1.1 million euros). To this should be added contributions in kind by participating organizations, worth approximately the same amount, without which this program would not be possible.


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