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Bo Lindell’s History of Radiation, Radioactivity, and Radiological Protection


First book, ‘Pandora’s Box’, now available for free in English!


During his long and eventful life, Bo Lindell (former ICRP Chair, former UNSCEAR Chair, former head of the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority, etc etc) met most of the significant contributors to the 20th century development of radiation science and radiological protection and contributed personally to many of the crucial events.


His authoritative four-book series, The History of Radiation, Radioactivity, and Radiological Protection, resting on this first-hand experience and scientific accuracy and spiced with his vivid sense of humour, was published in Swedish between 1996 and 2011.


Thanks to significant efforts by the NSFS (Nordic Society for Radiation Protection), and generous additional funding by the NKS (Nordic Nuclear Safety Research); the five Nordic regulatory authorities; and the IRPA (International Radiation Protection Association), this massive work has been translated into English, and the first book in the series, Pandora’s Box’, is now available. You can obtain it in two ways:

  1. To obtain a paperback version at an extremely favourable price covering only the direct costs of printing, go to and enter ‘Lindell: Pandora’s Box’ in the search box. Or:
  2. To download a PDF, completely cost-free, click here

The subsequent three parts (The Sword of Damocles; The Labours of Hercules; and The Toil of Sisyphus) are currently being typeset and will be available in the next few months. Please watch this space!

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