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The owners and main financiers of NKS are a number of central authorities and one ministry in the five Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden). Together with a number of experts appointed by the owners they form the NKS Board. All decisions on financing, programme activities, NKS policy etc. are made by the NKS Board. Further funding is provided by a number of supporting organisations who share an interest in nuclear safety.


In addition to the funding provided directly to NKS it should be noted that in-kind contributions are provided by organisations participating in NKS activities, without which it would not be possible for NKS activities to take place.


NKS activities are coordinated through the NKS-R and NKS-B programmes by the NKS programme managers, while the NKS secretariat handles administrative duties such as economy, electronic media, publishing of reports etc.


Owners of NKS:

Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA)

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment (TEM, Finland)

Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority (GR)

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA)

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM)


Supporting organisations:

Fortum Power and Heat Ltd. ( Finland)

TVO (Finland)

Fennovoima Oy (Finland)

Institute for Energy Technology (IFE, Norway)

Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB (FKA, Sweden)

Oskarshamns Kraftgrupp AB (OKG, Sweden)

Ringhals AB (Sweden)

SKB (Sweden)



NKS Board Members

Charlotte Bro

Danish Emergency Management Agency, DEMA

Jens-Peter Lynov

Technical University of Denmark, DTU

Mette Ųhlenschlęger

Danish Radiation Protection Institute, SIS

Jorma Aurela

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, Finland

Nici Bergroth

Fennovoima Oy, Finland

Tarja K. Ikäheimonen

STUK, Finland

Petri Kinnunen

VTT, Finland

Siguršur M. Magnśsson

Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority

Chairman of NKS

Ole Harbitz

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, NRPA

Astrid Liland

Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority, NRPA

Atle Valseth

IFE, Norway

Karin Andgren

Vattenfall AB, Sweden

Annelie Bergman

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority

 Anneli Hällgren

 Swedish Radiation Safety Authority


NKS Programme Managers

NKS-R Programme

Christian Linde

Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, Sweden

NKS-B Programme

Kasper G Andersson

Technical University of Denmark, Risų DTU


NKS Secretariat

Finn Physant

FRIT, Denmark



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  Telephone +45 46 77 40 41
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