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NKS-R NorDec Workshop

Workshop on challenges and opportunities for improving Nordic nuclear decommissioning

20-21 November 2017 at IFE, Os Allé 7, Halden, Norway


The overall goal of the NorDec project is to identify challenges and solutions for Nordic
decommissioning and to enhance knowledge transfer among stakeholders in Nordic

The purpose of the workshop is to present and discuss findings from the project, and to
generate some practical solutions within topic areas that have been identified as important.


Topic 1: Competence and motivation

Topic 2: Regulatory Oversight and Decision Making

Topic 3: Learning from other industries

Plenary discussion: Nordic Collaboration on Decommissioning


Workshop fee: NOK 1200,- (includes dinner and lunches)
Register on before November 6th.
Registrations will be accepted until maximum capacity is reached.
If you have any questions, please contact


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