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Seminar on Level 3 PSA

21st January 2014, LR Consulting, Solna Sweden


Due to the Fukushima accidents and the continuing interest in new reactors, interest in Level 3 off-site consequence probabilistic safety assessment (PSA) has increased in the Nordic region. This is consistent with the rising interest in Level 3 PSA throughout the world. The goal of the project is to assess the capabilities and applications of Level 3 PSA, in order to, further our understanding of the influences and impacts of off-site consequences, appropriate mitigative concerns, and contribute to improved upstream Level 1 and Level 2 PSAs. This project began in 2013 and is co-financed by NKS, NPSAG and SAFIR (Finnish research on NPP safety), and is being performed by a consortium of Risk consultancies including Lloyd's Register Consulting, Risk Pilot, ES Konsult, and VTT. The project is planned to continue through 2015 with the final result of the project being a guidance document on Level 3 PSA that will portray Nordic perspectives on the subject. At this seminar the findings from the first year of project were presented and input from the participants was received on focus areas for the continuation of the activity.


The work done in 2013 has been published in the NKS report series NKS-303.

For more information contact the host: (phone +46 (0) 722 44 73 13).


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