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Seminar on reliability analysis of digital systems in PSA context

26th November 2013, VTT Digitalo, Espoo Finland


In 2007, the OECD/NEA CSNI directed the Working Group on Risk Assessment (WGRisk) to set up a task group (TG) to coordinate an activity on digital instrumentation and control (DIC) system risk. One of the recommendations was to develop a taxonomy of hardware and software failure modes of digital components for the purpose of probabilistic safety assessment (PSA). A new WGRisk TG was set up in 2010 to develop best practice guidelines on failure modes taxonomy for reliability assessment of digital I&C systems for PSA. This activity is supported by a parallel Nordic research project financed by NKS, Nordic PSA Group and the Finnish nuclear safety research programme SAFIR. The project will develop a technically sound and feasible failure mode taxonomy and best practice guidelines on the use of the taxonomy in modelling, data collection and quantification of digital I&C system reliability. In 2013, one of the focus areas has been the software reliability quantification.


In the NKS-R DIGREL seminar, results of the DIGREL task was presented to the Nordic end users. Previous years’ work has been published in the NKS report series NKS-230, NKS-261 and NKS-277.

For more information contact the hosts: (phone +358 40 7760841) or (phone +358 40 827 665) .


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