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Nordic Nuclear Safety: Research, Operations and Beyond

- Joint NKS-R and NKS-B Seminar, Finlandshuset, Stockholm, 24-25 May 2022



Tuesday 24 May:

12:30 – 12:35


Sigurður Magnússon (GR/NKS Chair)

Nina Cromnier (SSM General Director)

Opening Session  

(Chair: Sigurður Magnússon, IRSA)

12:35 – 13:20

Opening lecture: ’The human and societal dimensions of the Fukushima accident’.


Jacques Lochard (Professor at Nagasaki University, former ICRP vice-chair)

13:20 – 14:05

Opening lecture: ‘Conservatism, Reasonableness and Low-Dose Decision-Making’

Roger Coates (former IRPA President)

14:05 – 14:25

Overview of the NKS-R and NKS-B programs

Ari Leppänen (STUK/NKS-R)

Kasper Andersson (DTU/NKS-B)

Session I:  NPP accident sources

  (Chair: Carsten Israelson, DEMA)

14:25 – 14:55

Key speaker No. 1: On ‘How to present prognostic / probabilistic data in a convincing and reliable way’

Knud-Jacob Simonsen (DMI)

14:55 – 15:25

                                      Coffee or tea and poster mounting

                                                    (if not done earlier)


15:25 – 16:25

On ‘Source Term And Timing Uncertainty in Severe accident’ (NKS-R STATUS)

Anders Riber Marklund / Sergey Galushin (Vysus)

On ‘Source Localization by Inverse Methods’ (NKS-B SLIM)

Jens Havskov Sørensen (DMI)

On ‘Tellurium transport in the primary circuit of nuclear power plant’ (NKS-R TETRA)

Anna-Elina Pasi (Chalmers)

Session II:  Accident response and radioecology

(Chair: : Kjartan Guðnason, IRSA)

16:25 – 17:25

On ‘Analysis of the Performance of LaBr3 Detectors for Fresh Fallout Response’ (NKS-B PERLAD)

Mark Dowdall (DSA)

On ‘Nordic handbook for search and rescue in a maritime radiological/nuclear emergency’ (NKS-B RNSARBOOK)

Øyvind Aas-Hansen (DSA)

On ‘Radioecological transfer factors for Nordic subpopulations for assessment of internal committed dose’ (NKS-B ECONORMS)

Mats Isaksson (U. Gothenburg)

17:25 -17:55

                                                Oral poster session

                                         (Chair: Ari Leppänen, STUK)

17:55 – 20:00

               Reception/poster session with finger-food and poster viewing


Wednesday 25 May:


              Coffee or tea


08:30 – 09:00

Key speaker No. 2: On ‘Nordic collaboration within the nuclear safety area’

Kjerstin Kjøndal (U. Agder)

09:00 – 09:30

Key speaker No. 3: On ‘Crisis handling under COVID-19 and parallels to nuclear emergency handling’

Astrid Liland (DSA, Norway)

Session III: Plant management and extension

(Chair: Pia Vesterbacka, STUK)

09:30 – 10:10

On ’Barsebäck RPV trepan studies’ (NKS-R BREDA)

Pål Efsing (KTH)

On ‘Study of the margin against the fracture for reactor pressure vessels subjected to pressurized thermal shock transients’ (NKS-R WPS-MAF)

Tobias Bolinder (Kiwa Inspecta)

10:10 – 10:50

                     Poster viewing, coffee, tea


10:50 – 11:20

Key speaker No. 4: On ‘Future reactor designs’

Janne Wallenius (KTH)


Session IV: Reactors and risk assessment

(Chair: Mikael Meister, Vattenfall)


11:20 – 12:00

On ‘Fuel pellet dimensional properties and microstructural fracture modelling’ (NKS-R POMMI)

Janne Heikinheimo (VTT)

On ‘Prolonged Available Time and Safe States’ (NKS-R PROSAFE)

Stefan Authen (Riskpilot)




13:00 – 13:30

Key speaker No. 5: On ‘European research platforms, regional cooperation and future needs in nuclear safety research’

Wolfgang Raskob (KIT)

Session V: Decommissioning and waste management

(Chair: Ole Reistad, IFE)

13:30 – 14:50

On ‘Application of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry to long-lived actinides measurements in biological and nuclear decommissioning samples’ (NKS-B ICP-BIODEC)

Jixin Qiao (DTU)

On ‘Intercomparison exercise in analysis of DTM in decommissioning waste’ (NKS-B DTM-DECOM)

Anumaija Leskinen (VTT)

On ‘Optimization of analytical methods for simultaneous determination of important alpha emitting radionuclides in samples’ (NKS-B OPTIMETHOD)

Xiaolin Hou (DTU)

On ‘Corrosion of copper in sulphide containing environment: the role and properties of sulphide films’ (NKS-R COCOS)

Elisa Isotahdon (VTT)

14:50  – 15:30

Panel: Summary and conclusions

Moderator: Per Seltborg (SSM). Rapporteurs: Ole Harbitz (former DG, DSA), Jorma Aurela (MEAE). Other panel members: Carol Robinson (DSA), Roberta Hansson (Vattenfall),

Ari Leppänen (STUK/NKS-R), Kasper Andersson (DTU/NKS-B) 

15:30 – 15:40

Closing remarks

Sigurður Magnússon (GR/NKS Chair)


                        End of seminar at 15:40


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