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Activity name TETRA - Tellurium transport in the primary circuit of nuclear power plant
Project summary

The proposed work focuses on the transport and chemistry of tellurium in the primary circuit of nuclear power plant during a severe accident. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd has a wide background on nuclear safety related studies considering the behavior of fission products in a NPP accident. Chalmers University of Technology is highly experienced in the chemistry of fission products. Thus, it is natural that these individual organizations now try to merge their research activities to create added value. As a third partner, the Nuclear Chemistry Group at the University of Oslo will participate in this work offering their expertise in supporting the analysis of experiments by taking care of the neutron activation of the samples. They will either use their neutron generator (offering 108 n/s) or the JEEP-II reactor (offering 1013 n/s) at the Institute of Energy Technology at Kjeller to enable later analysis of accurate amounts of elements transported. The proposed experiments will determine the behavior of tellurium under oxidizing and non-oxidizing atmospheres at dry and humid conditions. These experiments will verify the previous observations on tellurium transport and also serve as reference data points in the next phase. The second aim is to examine the tellurium chemistry in the presence of airborne CsI in the primary circuit. In addition to the investigation of tellurium in various atmospheres, the effect of containment spray system is also going to be tested for the removal of different tellurium species from the containment atmosphere into the sump. All of the aforementioned experiments will provide completely new data, which will be needed for example for the development of severe accident simulation codes and in general to understand the progress of accident and to mitigate the possible source term. Furthermore, gaseous and aerosol species formed in the experiments as well as liquid samples from the sump will be analyzed with several different techniques.


Lead organisation Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 
Contact person Christian Ekberg,, +46 31 7722801


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