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Activity name HYBRID - Develpoment of hybrid neutron transport methods and data visualization tools 
Project summary

The modelling of neutron transport typically relies on two rather opposite approaches: the probabilistic approach, and the deterministic approach. The probabilistic approach or Monte Carlo approach relies on tracking the individual lives of neutrons, and requires a large computing power for nuclear reactors. The deterministic approach, on the other hand, is based upon fast running algorithms, that solve the problem at hand in only an approximate manner. The purpose of the present project is to combine both approaches in order to obtain fast running methods (thanks to the deterministic route) and accurate results (thanks to the probabilistic route). The so-called response matrix method was the method investigated in the first phase of the project undertaken in 2016 with NKS support. This method was originally derived in the early seventies in a pure deterministic sense. In the proposed project, the computation of the collision probabilities required for applying the method is carried out using a probabilistic solver instead. The level of details of the simulations, and the approach allowing a direct computation of whole core problems produces a large-scale data set. There is however, a need to support rapid awareness of the complex 4D (3D + time) data-set for end users. This problem can be divided into;


     i) Which data are necessary for situational awareness (power, flux, etc.)?

    ii) How should these data be visualized for rapid visual perception?

   iii) How can the visualization principles be implemented in a software application?


The outcome is enhanced visualization tools. This requires the construction of an adequate data management system with visualization capabilities. In sum, the technology is supporting the efficient development of reactor core simulations, useable first for research purposes by Chalmers, and later by commercial companies.


In 2017, the project will involve 2 MSc students under the supervision of senior scientists, and make use of the complementary expertise from Chalmers University of Technology (deterministic neutron transport), the Technical Research Centre of Finland - VTT (probabilistic neutron transport), and the Institute for Energy Technology - IFE (visualization tools).


Lead organisation Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden 
Contact person Christophe Demazière,, +46 31 772 3082


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