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Activity name FIREBAN - Determination of fire barriers's reliability for fire risk assessment in NPP
Project summary

The scope of the project is to investigate and assess the reliability of fire barriers in NPP during realistic fire scenarios to support the plant-scale risk assessment.

The objective is to establish data and methods to determine the conditional probabilities for failure of fire barrier. The Methods used will be statistics, literature review, calculation and specific unique designed fire tests.


The scientific merit of the activitiy will be the establishment of a link between exisiting data on fire barriers and and probablistic fire design in NPP. The technical merit of the project is the possiblity to allow users to better determine the overall probablity of loss of compartmentation between redundant systems in case of different fire scenarios. 

This is an important risk analysis for nuclear power plants, as it has been shown that the loss of compartmentation has severe consequences for a safe reactor shut down process.

Lead organisation  Lund University, Sweden
Contact person  Patrick van Hees,, +46 46 222 17 19


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