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Activity Name RadWaste: Radiochemical analysis of radionuclides difficult to measure for waste management in decommissioning and depository
NKS-B Research Area Waste and discharges
Project Summary An increased numbers of nuclear facilities have been closed and are being or are going to be decommissioned in Nordic countries including 5 research reactors at Risø and Studsvik and 3 power reactors in Ågesta and Barsbäck. In the management of waste generated from these activities as well as from the operation of nuclear power reactors, various radionuclides have to be analysed for estimation of radioactivity inventory, variation, and their behaviour. Of the radionuclides related to these activities, the pure beta and alpha emitters have to be chemical separated from the matrix and other radionuclides before measurement. Although much effort has been carried out, the accurate determination of them is still a major challenge because of the complex matrices and high requirement in radiochemical separation of radionuclides.


Some Nordic labs have established a good competence in analysis of radionculides in waste samples. However, due to the many distinct types of nuclear waste from decommissioning activities, the reported methods do not cover all types of samples and radionculides. There is always a requirement of development and improvement of the analytical methods. During the first phase of the NKS-B RadWaste project initiated in 2009, a good achievement has been reached on establishment of collaboration, identifying the requirements from the Nordic nuclear industries and optimizing and development of some analytical methods (NKS-222, 2010). This project aims to continue to strengthen and enlarge the collaboration among the Nordic labs, and to test, improve and develop analytical methods to meet the increased requirement from nuclear industries, and to maintain the Nordic competence in this field. This will be implemented by establishing an internet based Nordic network for knowledge and experience exchange, discussion and communication promptly and widely, organizing an intercomparison exercise to test the methods used in the Nordic labs for improving the analytical quality. Some methods will be developed for new types of sample matrix and radionuclides which are required by Nordic nuclear industries. Application of the developed methods will be carried out and combined with the on-going projects in the partners' laboratories.

Lead Organization Risø-DTU, Denmark
Contact Person Xiaolin Hou
phone number: +45 46775357

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