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Activity Name

NORMIN: NORM-related mining in Nordic countries: Legislation, practises and case studies 

Research Area

Radiological assessments



Project Summary

The activity aims at explaining and comparing the situations and practices related to mining in Nordic countries, when the purpose of mining is off-take of uranium, or when the concentrations of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM) in ore are increased. Transfer factors and concentrations of radioactive substances in NORM-containing ores or in old mining wastes will be investigated in differing Nordic environments, and their radiation risks will be estimated.


A literature review will be made that describes and compares how environmental protection is taken into account in radiation/nuclear energy legislations of Nordic countries. The review presents what kind of practices and guidelines are targeted to mining where the purpose is the off-take of uranium, or where the ore contains exceptional high levels of NORM. Also the ongoing and planned uranium explorations, mines processing radioactive ores, and information about old mining waste stacks containing increased concentrations of NORM in Nordic countries are included. 


As case studies, one research site from each participating country will be selected for radioecological environmental studies. In Finland the case study will be the Mawson gold/uranium target under exploration permit in Ylitornio/Rovaniemi; in Denmark, the planned uranium mine in Greenland; in Norway, a potential future REE mining in the Fensfeltet area in Telemark; in Sweden, previous Ranstad uranium mine. 


Ore, soil, water and vegetation from each site will be sampled in summer 2014. Radionuclide and heavy metal contents of samples will be analysed by mass and gamma spectrometry and by radiochemical methods. A report will be written of the results of each case study.


Lead Organization

Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, Finland (STUK) 


Contact Person

Dina Solatie
phone number: +358 9 759 88286

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