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Activity Name

EFMARE: Effects of dynamic behaviour of Nordic marine environment to radioecological assessments 


Research Area

Radioecology and environmental assessments



Project Summary

Realistic fish models applicable to the main species in the Baltic Sea and the North sea will be merged with existing compartment models to take account for seasonal variability.Since biokinetic models for several species of fish are available is seems like an obvious task to include such dynamic models into already existing compartment models in order to take better account for the seasonal variations and to better be able to predict radionuclide concentrations and time-behavior in the major fish species consumed in the Nordic countries. The objective of the proposed activity is thus to merge the existing biokinetic models for our most common fish species into the currently used box-models. This may seem to be a trivial task but will require replacing a number of presently static transfers into dynamic ones followed by tuning to existing data on radioactivity in fish.


Lead Organization

Technical University of Denmark


Contact Person

Per Roos
phone number: +45 46775319


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